Theaters in London


Globe theater

If you are interesting about Theatres, London is the place to be!! First of all, try to see the famous Old Vic Company at the Old Vic on the South Bank of the River Thames. It has a great tradition of fine acting and offers some of the best theatrical entertainment in the world today. The South Bank is also is the location for the National Theatre. In the foyer of this theatre there are always free concerts and exhibitions. You’ll want to check what’s playing in the famous West End theatres. London offers a great variety of plays and musical comedies throughout the year. Besides new plays, there are always revivals of Shakespeare and the classics. For Shakespeare plays, go too to the Globe Theatre a wooden, Elizabethan, reconstructed replica of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre in London during the 16th century. It was opened in 1997 in Bankside just the other side of the River Thames. The theatre is an open air one and only the stage and special (more expensive) seating area is covered. For the public you must stand to watch the plays as they did in the 16th century. Performances are between May and early October and tickets are not expensive at £5.

Try it for a unique experience. For any theatre show it is best to decide what you want to see when you first arrive and get seats in advance. Popular plays and first night performances sell out very quickly, especially during the summer. Tickets can be purchased at the booking office; at Ticket Agencies, which you will see all around central London; from the official ticket booths in Leicester Square or at Canary Wharf ; On-line; or over the phone. If purchasing via a Ticket Agent you will be charged a booking fee of around 25% . Look for Agents who are members of the Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR) to ensure the best service. Purchasing your ticket at the booking office of the theatre itself will not entail extra booking fee costs (unless you do so over the phone). Most theatre’s booking offices are open from 10a.m. and continue to sell tickets till 30 minutes before the evening performance.

For discount tickets the best way is to go, on the day of the performance, to the ticket booth in the clock tower building in Leicester Square or at Canary Wharf in the DLR station between platforms four and five. . They are open from 10am to 7pm . (12pm-3pm Sundays). Visit their website at for information about what is available on the day you want to go.