London tourist maps

London is a spread-out city. It will be worth your while to study the train and underground (subway) systems to various parts of it. They are good and plentiful as are the buses, but not particularly cheap when compared to other European cities. Travel cards called Oyster cards can be purchased which are much better value. You can buy them at London Underground ticket booths. They seem a bit complicated for the average tourist because you need to pay a refundable £3 deposit if you are going to use it for less than a week.

A registration form must also be filled out in order to get the deposit back. However, it is definitely worth buying one. London Transport is not cheap, without an Oyster card a journey of one stop on the underground will cost £4 as opposed to £1.50 with the card. You can make any number of trips in a day for only £3. It can be used on buses, trains and the underground within the Greater London area. For day trips on suburban trains outside the Greater London Area buy a 1-day travel card. Taxis too are very expensive and unless you just want the experience of a ride in a London cab, don’t bother.

London buses maps (routes)

Tube Map

London tube Map