austria photoAustria is a country of 32,374 square miles that has borders with seven countries: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. It is divided up into nine provinces or Bunderslander: Vienna, Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. It is a country of mountains and is divided from west to east by two parallel mountain ridges of the massive Alpine range. The highest mountain in Austria is the Grossglockner at 12,463 ft. This west to east range has a huge effect on the climate of Austria. Wintertime in the mountain regions are very cold with usually plenty of snow, making it an ideal location for winter sports. Springtime sees the lower parts of the mountains bursting into flower with such delights as anemones, orchids (Frauenschuh) and , or course, the edelweiss.

In Summertime the air is dry, crisp and crystal clear enabling magnificent views to be had of the snowy peaks and lush green valleys with their fast moving mountain streams and rivers. As in most mountainous regions, Austria has plenty of water provided by rivers and streams. Austria is one of the famous tourist spots of the world. Here you will find the Salzburg Fest, the cafes of Vienna, Innsbruck with

marvellous skiing areas in the nearby Tyrol and Kitzbuhel. It has a temperate sub-Alpine climate.However, it rarely becomes either terribly hot nor bitterly cold. The seasons gradually slip on, one to the other, without abrupt temperature changes.
From late October until mid December the countryside has heavy rains but Vienna is always agreeable. In the mountainous regions snowfall begins mid November.The air is crisp, clear and cold but sunny.

Spring climate in the mountains makes Austria a paradise for skiers. The lower meadows of Oberinntal, near the Italian borders, are rich in multicolored carpets of flowers for which the Alps are famous. Throughout the Alpine region the forests and flowers are strikingly beautiful, especially in Spring. Famous amongst these rivers are the Danube, the Drau and the Mur with several large tributary rivers. It also has one of Europe’s largest lakes, the Neusiedlersee. Vienna abounds in wonderful restaurants, bars, small smart eating places and coffee house. There are also traditional kellers where, in some, you can listen to traditional live music while you eat. The beautiful winter garden, with its restaurants, coffee shops and bars, is interesting to see.